Talking About Time, Wait, and Opportunity. Maybe.

December 18, 2013

Time is an intriguing concept. Many people talk about time. The Holy Qur’an talk about time, and I’m pretty sure most of other religion also talk about time. Dante Alighieri once wrote “Che’l perder tempo a chi più sa più spiace.” or “The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.”  While John F. Kennedy said “we must use time as a tool, not as a couch”. That’s how important time is.

Why time is so important ? Because we can’t buy it. We can’t find it on the store. Not even the brightest mind in the universe can control it. Because time is so powerful, human being do not have power over it. Time is God given. It is a dimension where things happened. It is a space that covers past, present and future. A space that everyone is so worried about.

In this past few years, I learned that time is something precious. I can’t travel back to past to regain the time I’ve passed. Even if I have something like a time machine, I’ll be a pain in the ass to myself in the past, since I want to enjoy what I have or could have back there, which mean I’m taking it from myself in the past. Plenty of time passed with joy and sorrow. The time passed have become what so called experience. If I am an RPG game character, time passed is my exp. points.

I regret many things happened and not happened in the past. Both. Many people said that ‘there are many things better left unsaid’, but, is it ?. Maybe those people just never said it. Maybe, it is just a justification for people who need a peace of mind. Sometimes, I think so too. I mean, it might be better to stay in silence, since silence is gold, but doesn’t it makes you feel better when something irritates you and you’re there just like “hey, f**k off s*ithead !” ? like a boss. But that’s just that. I can’t get myself back to the time where I can say it loud and clear.

While in the other hand, a hasted decision is also a regret. People said ‘Haste makes waste’. I think it is true. Waiting, is always an option. Always almost the best option. As an old Poetry of the Japanese wartime said: “What if a bird doesn’t want to sing? “Kill, it!”, said Nobunaga. “Make it want to sing”, said Hideyoshi “Wait”, said Ieyasu”, who won the war ? Ieyasu. You see, waiting is not a bad thing. Many said it is wasting time. Since time is precious, waiting is like throwing out the gold God gave you. Really ? Nope. Sometimes, you have to wait for the good time to arrive. You see, timing is everything. That’s just showing how important time is. As the economy theory said, it is an opportunity cost. Waiting, is where you spend your time for something more valuable. Time is important, it is valuable, but when you spend it, you might get something more, and when you didn’t, you might get, something less, or even nothing.

People said ‘you have to take any opportunites came at you’. Not always, in my view. If you ever see a football match, sometimes, waiting is another perfect decision for a football player. When you’re playing, you don’t always shoot whenever you see an opened space. You have to see around, maybe, giving the opportunity to your teammate, who have a more opened space. There are chances that the opponent might have more time to reorganize the defense, but, always taking a shoot is not wise either. 

‘Waiting is wasting for people like me’, said Akeboshi on his song entitled ‘WINDS’. Again, not really. Sometime, waiting is good. Chances are coming, the better might come later. Waiting is a part of seizing the day, although in the real poem it said about something on not trusting a future. But, hell, life is like a gamble. You take it too fast, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, you’ll never know, and again, you’ll regret it when you lose. Waiting give you more time to analyze, and give you less time to act. Talk less do more they said. Well, analyzing something is doing something. Not talking. Sun Tzu once said “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles…”.I think I can relate it to the waiting part, where you analyze things before you act. Knowing your enemies and yourself, with a SWOT analysis. THAT’S HOW TO SEIZE THE DAY.

So, that’s about it. In the end, everything is about timing, right ?

Really hoping that this post would brighten your day up.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 18th. Bima Prawira, out of boringness.


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