Time Machine

December 27, 2013

It is just another day when I found out this time machine. Is it still working ? well, I would never know if I never try it. So, I drive it, and I found myself in my past. It is a place, a cold place, almost like an icebox, where there is no light, ah, no, not light, there are lights, there aren’t just any warmth. Light can never warm their surrounding like sun. It really is my past. I’m seeing myself there, chasing something. Well, I kinda forgot what I chased. What ? oh, that’s me chasing something bright. Whoa, it’s the sun. Hey, I’m chasing the sun ! Hey time machine, move faster, I want to see myself chasing the sun, did I get it ? Oh no, I fell down. I fell so hard. So hard that I couldn’t barely walk. The sun faded away, and I scream stupidly, ‘hey you sun ! you’re wonderful, I know it ! I know it ! I know it since the beginning ! I want you, please, I beg you, hey sun hey…’, but then the sun gone, never answer my word, my yell at it. Well, that’s it.

Oh dear time machine why did you show me this ? Why did you show me that cold past ? Or maybe, you are now saying I can chase the sun ? I don’t know, and I might never know if I’m not trying. But hey, you’re a time machine. Why don’t we try the future ? no ? you don’t want to ? why ? because I don’t have any ? What ? because I have to make it ? Okay, let’s make it time machine, together with you maybe ? Show me those of that past, not that one with the point where I fell, because I’m learning on how to not fall in the same spot, but the one with the sun, so I can remember what I was chasing back there, not the sun, but the warmth. Yes, I want to run again, I want to chase the sun again. The different sun.

Two suns ? I don’t know, is this even real world ?


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