The Cold World In the ‘Time Machine’

December 29, 2013

Staring into the cold, unspeaking wall

Waiting for the moon to make its call

Oh dear lovers, haven’t you thought about the doubt ?

Have you ever heard, about the loner who shout ?

On how love, turning words into verses

On how love, turning prayers into curses


Like an army of ants, crawl out their lair

it came with no warning

Like a snake, watching it’s prey, glare

It sparks the nauseated feeling

Like a promise to be broken

Like a hope to be weaken


The wall is still not speaking

The moon still sit in her throne

Just like this feeling I’m faking

Crackling my own bone like a clown


Standing mighty the world will be

Burried down me under the sea

For like there is no tomorrow

Only dark air embrace the sorrow



  1. wow just wow. the first paragraph is – to me – exceptionally beautiful

    • gee, I don’t know what to say, thanks :’)

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