“And the meanin…

January 1, 2014

“And the meanings that get left behind
All the innocents lost at one time
We’re all different behind the eyes
There’s no need to hide”

I really love this piece from Pearl Jam’s I Am Mine. I did the study of sign back in college, the semiotics, which ultimately lead to a little bit of understanding in meaning behind ‘meaning’.The first line, “and the meanings that get left behind”, for me is like what words is all about. You can always break down a word into pieces, recollect that pieces into a different meaning. You can always say that the moon has come, as well as a day has passed. It is like that. But sometimes, some people only think the moon has come or the day has passed, and it is the sole truth, leaving behind the other ‘meaning’, and those are the innocents who lost at one time.

People see things differently. It is the experience of the people themselves that effected how they see or interpret something.  As I said before, a word can be break down, and recollected to form a different kind of meaning, and people does it differently. That’s the point in “We’re all different behind the eyes”. When you say a word, you ‘see’ it with your ‘eyes’, and everyone’s ‘eyes’ are different.

“There’s no need to hide” is simply, just look at things with your own meaning, no need to be afraid, thus, no need to hide. We are basically entitled to our own opinion, so it is pointless to forcefully correct someone’s view on a meaning of word. To simple it out, be yourself.

Breaking the words and recollecting is not like pieces of a set of puzzle. I’d rather see it like play-doh. You see, a puzzle, no matter how many pieces of them, after you break it and recollect it, it will give you the same image, that’s the point when we perceive the word denotatively, based on the dictionary . That’s how the puzzle and word works. However, the meaning can also be connotative. Pretty sure many of you did study this in highschool. Connotative meaning is different from the puzzle analogy, it is a more fluid form, just like play-doh.Play-doh, can be broken down, and then can be reshaped as many different things, and that’s how the connotative interpretation works. Everyone have their own opinion in reshaping the words. I think that’s how words and meaning works.

Death of the Author, Roland Barthes said. Writers tend to “destroy” words, and recreate it for a different meaning. That means, we will never know (unless the author states it, which will make it less cooler). Just like what I did in this writing. What Eddie Vedder means in the lyrics might not be the same with what I am writing here. What I write, is what I think. What does this writing mean ? I won’t tell you. You have to guess. Because if I tell you, you have no more chances to break down the words I wrote right ?

So, why don’t you try breaking words down, recollect it, create something new and beautiful ?

thank you Eddie Vedder, thank you Roland Barthes. 🙂


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