Here Rise the Sun Again

January 8, 2014

Again, it is another gloomy day for the lost soul

They are the wanderer of the night, weakly, like a rag doll

Lost their will to live they had, nothing left in their eyes

Hitting the same wall, once, twice, thrice, everytime they try

It will not crack, it will never crack, forever stack


They bleed from their head, freshly red, never stop to shed

Love has left them blind, killing their senses with merciless shred

Oh never once, I thought I will become one of them, a living dead

For once I’ve found the sun that shine so bright, blinding me instead

Love left the lost soul in blind, the sun blinded me with its sublime


Now the sun has gone, giving me back my sight, my might

The sun left with her warmth, leaving me trite and plight

The world taught me that the sun will never rise twice

I nod in favour of the world, never have the chance to think twice

Again,the world left me blind in the dark, vast, space, in a nothingness


In the cold space, I scream in silent, never can somebody heard

Only those lost soul, another one like me, answered my cry

Everytime the lost soul cried, nobody gives anybody peace, not even the bird

They just cry, and pray, with no one there to answer, like a fish in a fry

I stand still in the darkness, moving gets me into nowhere, I’m stuck in the stack



In the time I almost finally believe that there will be no second sun, it came

It came in grace, just like a butterfly came out of her cocoon

Such a beauty, never even once I thought to see something like that, what a shame

Here rise the sun again, bathing me in its beauty, it shines me like the moon

Moonlight is not blinding, it will never blind me, it shines and gives warmth, a conforming warmth


If only I can speak to the sun, I will ask how can you be so comforting ?

You are the different sun, right ? not the one I’ve met before ?

Not the one that once blind the eyes of the lost soul ? Left them in suffering ?

May I believe that you are the sun I’ve been waiting for ?

The one that I’ve been longing to, the one that will shine my path ?


I’ve learned once that the sun might blinding, taking my sight

I’ve learned once that the sun might stop shining, ceasing my fight

I’ve learned once that the sun might not rise up again, stopping my flight

I’ve learned once that the sun is the one that I can never chase, collapsing my might


This time, I want to learn that the sun can shine me with its light, illuminate my sight

This time, I want to learn that the sun will never stop shining, helping my fight

This time, I want to learn that the sun will rise up again, continuing my flight

This time, I want to learn that I can chase the sun, with all my might


Oh dear sun, if I could, would you ?


Sebenarnya saya belum mau mem-posting ini. Tapi, karena ide lagi seret, jadi ya mau tidak mau di-post juga. Demi mengejar target 1 hari minimal 1 post. Hahahha.


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