The Mind of Jozef Gabcik

January 13, 2014

So, I am currently reading the HHhH by Laurent Binet. The book is really awesome. It is mind blowing. One of my top 10 novels already. It is about the operation Anthropoid by the Czechoslovakian government (just google it). One of the moment in the novel inspired me to write this. Well, I don’t know if Gabcik really feels something like this, but, I guess so. Enjoy !

The Mind of Jozef Gabcik

So here am I, sitting, in a giant iron bird
Flying through the sky of the land I once roamed
It is about time, I have to destroy a part of the third
The third reich, those demons strangled my people, leaving them doomed

The boss said that I am great, great enough to take the pills
I might, I fought so hard before, I might be the right one
But still, it doesn’t feel right, I miss Lorna, I wonder what she feels ?

I were once a normal guy, that average Czech Josef
But now, everything changed in a flash
Now I am Jozef the white knight, the one who slay the beast
The blonde beast who rule my home from west to east

I never thought of something like this, I never thirst for power
Never once I felt something like this, not even when I crossed the border
I am now entrusted by a whole state, by two nations
Mine the Slovaks, my comerade the Czechs, two nations

It sounds stupid but this is true, what I remember is that 10 pounds
That 10 pounds unpaid back in the land of the brits
It’s funny, 10 pounds ? Considering I might die this month
Ah, there he is, my commander, the one who leads

Should I ask him to pay the 10 pounds ? Well I should, he’s good
I asked him, and he said yes, of course he is, 10 pounds
10 pounds compared to what I am about to face, it is only for food !
While what I am facing is about history, no bounds !

The iron bird’s belly is now open, my cue to jump
Total silence, no words, no good lucks, no fist bumps
It was all tense, Jan jumped ahead of me, embraced the night
Time for me now, here goes nothing, Lorna, time for me to fight.

I love you.


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