New Life..? Hmm.. Well..

February 26, 2014

It is almost a month since I am starting my new life. Well, I was really excited before, I think, going out for a it would be somewhat awesome. You see, meeting new peoples, living in a new place, visiting new places, et cetera.  But in reality, in turned out not that it is not really what I’m expected. It is somehow gloomy here, in my new place, (well, most of you the readers of my blog would know where am I now). My mom said, maybe it is because that I am enrolled in a postgraduate program, and the campus is separated from the undergraduate one, so it is kinda normal if the campus is sooooooo silent.

Okay, now, classmate. I’m fine with my classmates. They’re good, they’re kind, the only problem is, all of them are girls. I’m the only boy here. So, it is kinda awkward to throw up some of my favorites filthy jokes, and of course, football talks. I can’t really do the football talks here. Or the video games talk. Or the popular culture talks. Or the politic talks. Or the anime talks. But there’s this one girl who once worked in the JKT48 theater, so I can chit-chat a lot with her, about the 48 group. Well, that’s okay, but, somehow, something’s missing.  So, if any one of you, my classmates read this, this is the reason I always go alone everytime I eat. I simply, don’t want to throw up my filthy jokes in front of you. It will be considered as rude, and I’d rather seclude myself than being rude to other.

I still in contact with my best friends from highschool, from the undergraduate program, or even those from the English course place. Only with them I can share these stuffs. I thanked God sincerely that I can meet them, and of course, thanks to the technology that makes all of these contacts possible. I think, the only TRUE social relationship that cherish me are those in the social media. It is sad really, maybe what Baudillard says as a hyperreality, but, you know, it comforts me, keeping me sane, so, why not ? I enjoy it, and I don’t really think it gave a bad influence for me. Since, when it is time for group works, I do it professionally, and I always do it since my time in the highschool. No excuses for these kind of stuff. I want to succeed, if you don’t want to, don’t drag me into.

The good thing is of course, I meet some of amazing brains here. My lecturers. I think I found two of my favorites ones already. One of them is an expert in Japanese study, the other excels in contemporary philosophy. Great thing about them is, they looks like a lot like my undergraduate thesis advisor, which are the BEST teacher I’ve ever had in any institutions. So, I kinda feel really comfortable in their class, and of course their course are my favorite, might be not my expertise, but I have so much interest in them.

The campus here is quite sophisticated. They have this humongous library that can be accessed easily. The environment is  nice, there are trees surrounding a lake, a Starbucks, it is a perfect place to hang out under the trees, reading the books you borrowed from the library. Sounds pretty awesome right ? But, no, it is not. The problem is the weather. I know I’m being somewhat spoiled here, but it is true. One does not simply leave Bandung without complaining about weather somewhere else. It is goddamn hot here. Even when it is after rain, there’s always this oozy felling, I can’t tell you in English, but I think the appropriate word would be ‘sumuk’. Or something. I can’t simply just enjoy it, and I forgot to mention how crowded the place is in weekdays.

Another thing living in this new life would be ‘enjoying’ the city life. Well, I can’t say I really enjoy Jakarta, I enjoy my house in Jakarta, of course, with the playstation 3 installed in my room, bunch of books I brought from Bandung, superfast internet connection,  24 hours food service (delivery service, of course), I don’t have to leave my room to enjoy it. Something I really liked. Playing playstation all day long when there’s no schedule is just heavenly.

Some of my undergraduate friends –not those in my inner circle- did ask me to eat together or something out, I’m okay with it, it is fun. Always fun.  But I don’t really know Jakarta, so I can only meet them at some place really famous, or can be easily reached by car. I always have a hard time on memorizing the roads, not really my talent with directions. Let’s put that aside, and talking about the foods. The foods here are having these kind of characteristics (comparing it with the one in Bandung would be just simply insane) :

  1. If it is good, healthy, and easy to reach, it would be expensive.
  2. If it is good, healthy, and cheap, it would be hard to reach.
  3. If it is good, easy to reach, and cheap, it would be unhealthy.
  4. If it is bad, easy to reach, and expensive, you can simply find it in famous malls.
  5. Etc.

Few days ago, I paid like 150 thousands rupiah for: mixed dimsum, 6-8 pieces (2 portion of regular dimsum, typically, I eat like 4-5 portions of regular dimsum as main course, it is normal, considering dimsum is snack or something), hongkong chicken noodle, and one portion of cakue dimsum. And all of those tasted nooooo good at all. But I gotta admit, that the atmosphere there is comforting for urban people. But I can’t feel such comfort. Loud music, dimly lit, I can’t simply enjoy it, but maybe, for urban people, the food price with such atmosphere is great.

Yeah, most of the foods here are somewhat like those, they kinda like only selling the atmosphere, but I can never accept it. I love to eat, because I love to EAT. I love delicious foods. I don’t mind eating near the stinky and lumpy traditional market, as long as it taste good. So, sometimes I’d rather cook than eat outside, but then again, the kitchen in my house here is so small, and I have to share it with the housekeeper, I don’t want to be troublesome, so I have to work harder in the kitchen in order to cook great dishes.

Oh yeah, another good thing, my favorite online shop can still deliver to my house here. So, I can still order books and video games easily (as long as I got the money, of course, otherwise, it won’t happen). Oh, and there’s a big bookstore near my house, gramedia, so I can easily restock my comic books here. No problem !

So, that’s a wrap up about my new life. Doesn’t sounds too good right ? Well, I can still enjoy it though, but I can’t lie, I really miss Bandung. I’m thinking on catching up a train there on weekend, meeting with my old friends, eat well at my favorite resto, and of course, driving THE GOLEM, my love.


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