A Spark of Thought

June 10, 2014

football is fun to watch (anyway, don’t read this if you don’t want to get disturbed in enjoying the World Cup and football in general). I do enjoy it pretty much. But lately, these fuzzes about the 2014 World Cup preparation, made me realize that football have been through some changes, some I’d say, unwanted changes.It is still in the North-South divide kind of things.

How FIFA standard is too high for the less developed countries, so the countries have to cut their yearly budget to pay for the stadiums they don’t really need after the world cup (because the people can’t afford the stadium for their daily routines after the world cup) or how players, the rich ones, being spoiled brat when they don’t get the bonus from their FA (Cameroon national team, or the Diego Forlan case in friendly against Indonesia National Team), not to mention the match fixing scandals, or the unpaid players here in Indonesia (see how the irony work ? Players here in Indonesia didn’t get paid so they can’t eat, but they still have to play for the team, professional matter. While Forlan, he didn’t play for HIS COUNTRY, just because he didn’t get paid, nationalism thingy matter) etc.

it shows how much football has changed. The football we see on TV, is not just football. It is more like an industry. Real football only exist in the legs of those kids playing in the public park, who wants to win so they can laugh at their foes, and enjoying victories. So then again, as usual, Pele’s prediction is again, wrong. He said that football is a beautiful game. But what we see, is it beautiful ?


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