Maybe You’ll Read This, or Maybe You’re Not ?

July 19, 2014

You and I

You say the moon is beautiful, it shines bright as a light to the dark

I say the moon steals the noon, it reflects the sun as the sun shine it’s bright

You say the stars are magical, it falls as the Djinn walk on His park

I say the stars sparks their light, as if the Djinn is too big to be fright


You say the night is evil, it robs the beauty of the moonrace

I say the night provides the space, so the moon can prepare her fly

You say the wind is all but cold, it blows the ash into your face

I say the wind comes from the East, it blows the cloud to clear the sky


You say the nature is a gift, a gift from the Giver, the only Giver

I say the nature works, the nature works as if it is a machine, an automated machine

As we are getting close to the end of the poem, one might said your truth is bitter

So does mine, like yours, my truth might be partial, like one side of a mean


You and I, different kind of human being

You and I, see the nature in different seeing

You and I, might have a different feeling

But You and I, how much the same thing we’ve been talking ?


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