Reasoning the Reason

July 21, 2014

My favorite Philosophers, Slavoj Zizek once said: 

“If you have reasons to love someone, you don’t love them.”

Okay, I think that’s quite true. I mean, love comes as it is, and you can never guess. Why ? When ? What ? Where ? Who ? How ?. Love is not something scientific. Well, maybe it can be scientifically explained, but when you fall into it, no, you can not. Other people might can, but you can’t. But still, other people would be wrong, because it is not them. Love is so random. You can’t reason with love. You know that philosophers are the king of reasoning right ? They always put rationality over anything, but with love ? Even Zizek doesn’t reason with them. Poof. It just happened like that. You can’t (or hardly ?) find the reason, and you don’t need to find one.

Love is something that we should just enjoy. Love is like foods you order in an expensive restaurant. You’ll be asking yourself, “dafuq is that ?”, but in the end, even if the waiter or the chef explained it to you, you wouldn’t understand it, and eat it anyway, and still taste good. You don’t need to know, moreover, you don’t need to understand to enjoy the food. Knowing, and understanding. It is quite important though. Knowing that you love her, is good. Knowing that she is cute, is good. Knowing that she is nice, is good. But you don’t know how cute and nice is working their charm. Pretty sure that there plenty of other girls that are cute, and nice, but why her ? Not them ? You can never tell. You can never understand. But you know you enjoy it. There’re these sparks that you can always feel, somewhat like soda in your mouth.

For me, love is something mysterious. You can never find the right answer. But you can, again, always enjoy it. One thing for sure, love is good for you, as long as it makes you wanted to be a better person. To be someone she can be proud of, to be someone who is worth her anything, to be hers. Well, then again, ‘better’ here is another complexity. Better according to whose definition ? What kind of society ? In what Values ? Etc. Well, better on her values and yours. You know, you can never be with someone -nicely, if you don’t value her views, and value yours. It is important, that someday, you’ll be sharing your views with her, and by the mean sharing, that means she will surely experience your view too. When you too become one, the view is not ‘my view’ or ‘your view’ anymore, it will be ‘our view’. I think it is pretty nice.

Once, one of my lecturer asked in the class “Why do you want to get married ?”, my answer is: because it is interesting. You know, letting someone into your life is interesting. You will find something new, you will be feeling different, and all of these are incorporated in what I called beliefs. Beliefs here is not only in the religious context, but also in various social values. What best friend means to you, and what best friend means to her can be entirely different. And what interesting is, how you incorporate those view into ‘ours’. It is like shifting a paradigm in science. My lecturer once said “social science is all about finding what might be right”, yeah, so different views in social sciences should be regarded as something good. As it is partially open another part of one whole truth about a thing. So does this beliefs in each person. To see the world differently with what you always see, together with someone you love, isn’t that awesome ? I definitely want that.

So yeah, I don’t have any reason to love you. I can’t reason the reason. I just love you. Simply love you. For me, it will be interesting to see the world together with you, the world will surely be a better place. Well, Okay ?



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