Escape Routes

September 30, 2014

It is always the uneasiness that made us wanted to escape. It is never the pain, no. Being painful is good sometimes. When you stretch your body, it painfully cracks, but it feels good. It is always the uneasiness. It doesn’t have to be the pain, if it is, it is pain that gives uneasiness. Sometimes, we just want to escape from everything. So, we escape through our imagination. But it is not always ended up good, sometimes, the imagination takes over the reality. Which is sucks. Because it is not real. It can’t be felt. It can never be felt. It is fake. Fake stuff never felt good. Because it is not what it is. It is not what it seems. So does imagination. We can imagine anything. We can be the knight riding a dragon, we can be the pilot of giant robot that prevents the alien from destroying the earth, or we can be the destroyer of the earth itself, but we’re not. And then, sometimes we go to the past too. When we go to the past, we can always filter what we want to see. Just the good memories of course. Anything good never give an uneasiness. Good memories spawns laughters, happy tears, the feel of longing. It is all good. But still, it is not real. It WAS real. But it IS not. We can’t simply make the past represent the reality. What real is now. Escaping to the past, hoping that it will replace the present, the current now, is moot. You can never do that. The past can’t be felt. It can only be called up by our memories. It is just an image of what was. It is not what it IS. Another escape route would be the future. True that we can build it. In fact, we are building the future. But it hasn’t come yet. So, it is not real. It is GOING to be real, but it is not right now. It’s never real, but it MIGHT ever real. You can imagine the future anyway you want, but it is not going to be happened that way. What we build in the present intersect with others. That is why the future is never ours. It is a collection of what every human on earth build. It builds on top of another. What we see later on, is what we build and what others build. Building a future is like building a build that you want, but will end up abruptly.  You might see windows coming out of the water closet, or a door with no handle, or maybe a bookcase on the roof. We will never know until we are there. If you want to build a perfect building, it means you have to scoff off other people who want to build it too, which is highly unlikely,  unethical, and stupid. Then, all escape route are blocked. There is one more route. This one, I don’t want to tell. It is too dark and full of uncertainty. One can guarantee it from the celestial voice, but one can’t prove it, yet. It might be the most fearful escape route for some people. Fear comes from something that you don’t know nor understand. You can never know this one. You know you can believe it , it called faith by the way, but you know that you can’t just simply prove it by believing it. It is very wise to know and understand that you don’t and might never know.

So, Which one do you prefer ?

Imagination that is NOT real.

The past that WAS.

The future that MIGHT.

Or that LAST one ?


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