the Paradox of Happiness

April 5, 2015

Today was, well, I can’t say that today was a good day or a bad day. You’d be the judge. It started badly, so bad that I have to eat my breakfast at 11. But it ended nicely, so nice that I can go to sleep peacefully. I should go to sleep. I really should. But then, in the bed, something comes to my mind. How can a good day be a bad day at the same time ? Would it be an oxymoron ? (Oxymoron is a figure of speech that juxtaposes elements that appear to be contradictory, such as: silent scream, stupid wisdom, etc). These kind of things made me think. But, just thinking about it won’t be matter. Because there is no one to talk to, and if there is one, he/she might be forgetting afterwards. So, I decided to turn on my laptop, and start writing. Posting this on my blog would be better than letting it rot in my brain.

What is a good day without a bad day ? Nothing.

What is a bad day without a good day ? Nothing.

What is happiness without sadness ? Nothing.

What is sadness without happiness ? Nothing.

What is good without bad ? Nothing.

What is bad without good ? Nothing.

These kind of things. The binary opposition of each things are the things that make these things matter. A good day wouldn’t be a good day without a bad day. Why is that ? Because we wouldn’t know what a good day is. Let’s say we got bitten by a dog. Is it a good day ? No, of course, because you have better ones. Ones that you didn’t get bitten by a dog. But, let’s say that to a war veteran who are getting rain of bullets as their breakfast everyday. Pretty much sure that “today, a dog bit me and nothing happened afterward. What a great day.” Yes, they can say that it is a good day because they have worse –which is of course, a bad day. So, if you never have a bad day, you wouldn’t have a good day because you will have nothing to compare with. And everyone’s good day is different. One might say that getting bitten by a dog is a bad day, while the other say that it is a good day.

Yes, it comes in a pair. The goods and the bads. Because what good won’t have any meaning at all without (what considered to be) the bad. You’re not a good person when there is no bad person. Because everyone would be the same, either all good, or all bad. There might be better ones or worse ones, but then, the better one will be the good ones, and the worse ones will be the bad ones. Many people doesn’t realize this. I do realized this at some part of my life. When I feel low, lower than the floor, but then, it made me think “hey come on, I’ve been somewhere better, and somewhere worse, why not letting happiness taking over the sadness ?” Then poof. I’m happy again. Because I know happiness and sadness. And I know that sadness will eventually go, and happiness will eventually come. It’s normal. Being sad is normal. Being happy is normal. Because it comes in a pair. HappyóSad. And one of them wouldn’t be there without each other. You can’t feel happiness without the sadness. And sadness makes you realize that there were thing you called happiness. It is the time when you’re not sad.

Well then, what do you call time when you’re neither sad or happy ?

Back to yourself. How do you perceive yourself in that situation. Then you’ll know what to call.

Well. Up to this part, I’m starting to get really sleepy. I’d continue it later in this kind of theme, maybe with a short story or something. But the point is, one bad day is good for you. Because it reminds you that you still got thing you call happiness. When you don’t feel bad on a bad day, then you’ve forgotten what happiness was. It’s scary if you feel that way. So, Don’t. Cheer up, and let the bad things goes.


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