A Knock on the Door

April 15, 2015

“The last man on Earth sat on the floor. There’s a knock on the door.” It is said that these two sentences are the shortest scary story one can told. Of course it is. By logic, if you are the last one on Earth, then obviously the door won’t knock itself. Well, if it is, then it is scary. If there is someone there, it might not be that scary. Chances are: either the knocker is another unknown survivor, or simply a ghost. Ghost is scary. But the unknown survivor might be scarier, or it might be fun. Imagine that the unknown survivor is an attractive man/woman –up to your sexual preferences, then of course you can have a chit-chat with him/her. You wouldn’t be alone. It’d be fun I bet. Better than being the last one on Earth. But then again, it’s only 1 out of milions possibilities that might happened. For example, what if the knocker is a mindless beast that accidentally hit on the door. And when you open it –expecting it is an attractive man/woman, it’s a beast ready to devour you –without tearing you apart at first, just eating you as you are. In one big gulp. GULP. Or, it might be anything else scarier than the beast. Or… less scarier but still, it’s dangerous and might kills you.

So I guess, what makes this story so scary is the countless possibilities that might arised. And the possibilities of something that you think would be good, but it turned out bad. Yes. Uncertainty. Uncertainty is mankind’s biggest enemy. It is human’s greatest fear. You don’t fear death itself, you fear what happened after death. What lies beyond. Does hell or heaven exist ? What will happen beyond the grave ? You don’t fear the darkness, you fear what might happen in the darkness. When there is no light, you cannot predict anything around. It might be a cushion, or a head, or a big dog ready to eat you alive. You will never know. Again, anything that might is scary, because you don’t know. And what you don’t know, might kill you. Or hurt you. Or else. Although optimism can be an answer to these kind of situations, there must be a little part of it that doubt the optimism itself. You know, something like, when you are doing a paper which google has most answer, “hey, this is going to be easy right ? but what if the internet fucked up ?” something like that.

I guess that’s it. Uncertainty. Uncertainty is what makes ‘a Knock on the Door’ story a scary one.


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