Happy Birthday, Fatia Nurizky

May 22, 2015

25 years ago, a baby was born from a womb of a wonderful woman. The dad was a proud one. Of course, she was his first child. They named her Fatia. Fatia Nurizky. Fatia herself doesn’t know what is the meaning of her name, neither that her parents give her what’s the meaning behind the name. But one can assume that Fatia derived from Al-Fathihah, the opener, the very first surah in Al-Qur’an. And Nurizky also derived from Arabic Qur’an means the light of fortune. So, one can summed it up into The Opener to the Light of Fortune. Fatia Nurizky.

Today, that baby has grown up into a wonderful woman. She’s beautiful, smart, kind, all of that with uniqueness in her. She loves her family, her family is her precious jewel. Her mother, sister, and brother. There’s no day passed without all of them come into her consideration. She is also very caring towards her friends. Once, she accompanied a lonely friend of her to go out and have lunch with her. One time thing that leaves a deep mark on that friend. She got him charmed pretty well.

And now, he’s making her this poem.

May 23rd
The bird chirping signs the end of the night
It is a start of a new day
Some are still lying on their bed, sleeping tight
Some are on their way

It’s May 23rd, the 143rd day of the year
Maybe for you, it’s just another day,
Just another meaningless set of fear
You shouldn’t worry though, just pray

For me, this year’s May 23rd is something
It is her birthday, the day she was born
I want her to be happy, more than anything
Especially for today, the day she was born

She knocked the door of my loneliness
A door I don’t even want to knock
It’s a room full of emptiness
I was shocked than someone did knocked
And the next thing I know….
Just like sunlight, she gives me her warm presence
And like the dark of the night, she gives me her calm radiance
It fills my days and nights
It was hollows, but then, now fillings starts to follow

My life stops from being so monotonic
And it is all, thanks to you wonderful woman.

With all sincerity, Happy Birthday, Fatia Nurizky !


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