My Top 10 Most Devastating Death(s) in Animanga

May 28, 2015

I was reading the newest chapter on One Piece. Chapter 788. The storyline is still about the Straw Hat Pirates and co. Trying to stop Doflamingo from oblitering Dressrosa. It is up to the point where Luffy is now sleeping, recovering his power after using Gear 4th. Then, the battle worn Trafalgar Law seems to try to keep Luffy save from Doflamingo. I have a feeling that Traffy might die in this arc. Since he’s saying “leave it to me” in a battle worn state, which is pretty pretty bad, I think. Then, I remember people who died in One Piece history. Going Merry, Ace, Usopp’s mother, Bellemere, the Resident of Ohara, and many more. Some of their deaths are so devastating up to the point that I cried while watching/reading the scene. So, it gives me inspiration to write this; the Top 10 Most Devastating Death(s) in animanga. I’m trying to write based on animanga that I’ve watched/read thoughtfully, so it will be very-very personal. And devastating means it is not only sad, but it also gives impact to the story line. Here’s the list ! (SPOILER ALERT THOUGH !)

  1. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)


Cause of Death: Self Explosion

Story: Vegeta was one of Dragon Ball’s most notorious villain. Even after he becomes an allies, he sometimes still do things that isn’t bringing anything good to the Z Warrior. In the battle against Bhu, he sacrificed (by self exploding) himself –who was controlled by Evil Wizard Babidy, to destroy Bhu. What makes this devastating is his reason to protect the Earth: his wife Bulma, and his son, Trunks. That’s deep for someone who were once the most heartless character in the series.

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)


Cause of Death: Point Blank Stab

Story: Lelouch was the main protagonist of the series. His persona is Zero, the leader of the Black Knights who revolts against the Britannian Empire. In the end of the series, Lelouch took control of the Britannian Empire (as himself, the eligible throne successor) only to be killed by Zero (who is being played by Suzaku, his bestest friend). This is his plan to unite the world which being made to unanimously hating him altogether.

  1. Itachi Uchiha’s Mortal Death (Naruto)


Cause of Death: Battle Exhaustion

Story: Itachi were once introduced as a super evil character who killed his own clan –including mother and father, torturing his only little brother, betraying his village for his own sake. Turned out, he is a double agent who is protecting his village and little brother all the time. In order to transfer all of his remaining power and skills to his brother, he fight him to death. Leaving the world, after a very sweet brotherly farewell.

  1. Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Cause of Death: Multiple Gunshots

Story: One of the most likeable character in the story. Hughes is a great family man who cares so much about his family. A high ranking government official, who smells something fishy with his co-worker who turned out to be Envy, one of the Hommunculus who have shapeshifting ability. Being spotted by Hughes, Envy change his shape into Hughes’ beloved wife, Gracia, to pretend Hughes from stabbing him. And then shoot him mercilessly. His colleague swears to take revenge for his death.

  1. Ramba Ral (Mobile Suit Gundam)


Cause of Death: Self Inflicted Grenade

Story: Every true gundam fans knows Ramba Ral. He is one of the reason that Amuro become a true soldier. His death really change Amuro’s view for the battlefield. A true soldier who held the code of chivalry very highly. A noble warrior who never cheat during his mission. Ramba Ral is one of the antagonist that you can never hate. His tragic death was when he trapped in the white base, rather than kept hostage, he blow himself up with a grenade.

  1. Lockon Stratos/Neil Dylandy (Gundam 00)


Cause of Death: Gundam Explosion

Story: The sniper of the Celestial Being. He is one of the calmest character in the whole series. The only thing that can get his nerve is Ali Al Saachez who destroyed in a terrorist bombing of his hometown, Ireland. In a heated battle against the UN, Lockon took a hit for his friend, Tieria Erde, injuring his main eye (right eye). Not fully recovered, the Gundam Meisters have to face Ali Al Saachez, in which Lockon lost his cool, and trying to fight Saachez with only one eye. Considering he is a sniper, his eyes are as important as his other limbs. He lost the battle, but still cooly damaged Saachez’s Gundam Throne Zwei quite badly. Neil’s death impacted the story as it made Setsuna and Tierie into a more capable soldier, as well as vacating his position as Gundam Meister, leaving the spot for his little brother, Lyle Dylandy.

  1. Sieghart (Rave)


Cause of Death: Aging

Story: Another bad guy turned good and died kind of character. Sieghart were once a demoncard warrior who were hunting Elie to destroy her dangerous Aetherion power. Turned out, Haru can control Elie’s Aetherion through Rave. Sieghart have a change of heart, and vows to help Haru in his journey, attributing it to a concept he called Sword and Magic. After battling the most powerful wizard in the world, Haja, Sieg have chance to go back to the past, along with Haru and Elie. In the past, he found out the truth about Elie, and sworn to protect Resha Valentine’s Grave until his death. He stayed in the past and guarding Resha’s grave until he become a skeleton which turn into somekind of gate to the past.

  1. Kubo Yoshiharu (SHOOT!)


Cause of Death: Leukimia

Story: The Kakegawa Nishi football genius. Comparable to Tsubasa Oozora in Captain Tsubasa series. Kubo is the founder of the Kakenishi Highschool Football Club. Along with Kamiya, he built the club from zero. He was asked to join a reputable schools like Kakekita and Fujita Higashi, but he declined the offers, saying that it’d be fun to start from scratch. Born with unlimited footballing gift, Kubo led his school into the quarterfinal. In the quarterfinal they faced a very strong team, Kakekita with Makoto Saeki the all rounder midfielder, and their super forward, Hirose Kiyotaka. Kubo scored an important goal in the second half, dribbling the ball from his own half, ran through 11 Kakekita players with various technique, and get the goal alone. He then collapsed, and died after the match. Turned out, he has been hiding his leukimia to let himself to keep playing football. Bringing tragedy and sadness for the football team that makes everyone high spirited to continue the tournament up to the national level.

  1. Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)


Cause of Death: Hole in the Back

Story: Simply one of the most lovable and coolest character in One Piece. Ace is Luffy’s adopted brother. He is the son of the legendary pirate, Gol D. Roger. He is also a member of one of the strongest pirate crew in One Piece, the Whitebeard Pirates. Throughout the story, Ace’s appearance always companied by absurds behaviour like sleeping while eating, or his Tattoo that spelled wrongly so it has an S crossed, etc. Ace got involved in a conflict with Blackbeard, who stole a devil fruit from his own mate. Overconfidenced with his Mera-Mera no Mi’s power, he challenged Blackbeard into a duel, in which he lost, and he is being prosecuted by the Marine. When Luffy tried to save him from the execution, Ace got killed when protecting Luffy from Akainu’s magma fist after he lost his temper to Akainu. The moment when Ace hugged luffy and thanking everyone for loving him is simply heartbreaking, and devastating. Ace’s death changed Luffy a lot, making him a stronger fighter.

  1. Going Merry (One Piece)

One Piece 430  -Going Merry's Funeral

Cause of Death: Viking Funeral

Story: Going Merry is always the symbolic ship of the Straw Hat Crews. It is different from other pirate’s ship that looks menacing. Going Merry is a friendly looking sheep. Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates sailed half of the East Blue up the half of the Grand Line with this cute looking ship. They even use Merry in their Journey in the Sky Island of Skypiea. After went through out amazing journeys, Merry finally meets its near end when the crew enter Waterseven, a special island known for its shipcrafters. In Water Seven, Luffy decided to dump Merry and find another ship, a decision that enraged Usopp, so that he left the crew (along with Merry) temporary. In one ocassion, Usopp tried to fix Merry, but Franky, a skilled carpenter which also the head of a bad gang in Waterseven, said it is impossible to fix Merry, and decided to throw it to the sea –which succeeded. Turned out, after the battle of Enies Lobby, Merry comes once again to save the Straw Hat Pirates, thanking them, before the Straw Hat Pirates gave Merry his proper burial: the Viking Funeral. It is when the deceased member of the crew is being burned in a sailing ship. But, because Merry is a ship, they just burned it in the middle of the ocean. In tears, Merry’s spirit, also known as Klaubauterrmann, thanks the crew in a teary goodbye.

Honorable Mention:

Rikiishi from Ashita no Joe. I didn’t read Ashita no Joe, so I can’t tell you so much about it, but, it is said that in event of Rikiishi’s death, Kodansha made a funeral service for him in real life. His cause of death is boxing injury after a battle against Joe, his rival.

Anew Returner from Gundam 00. She is killed by his own boyfriend by a point blank shoot while she is under control of the innovator. Such a tragic death.

Jiraiya from Naruto. One of Naruto’s best mentor. He died while battling his old pupil, Nagato.

Nuriko, Mitsukake, Chiriko, Hotohori from Fuushigi Yuugi. All died during the event while battling the Seiryu warriors.

Yosen-sensei from Kung fu Boy. Chinmi’s master who taught him Bone Breaking Kungfu. Died from old age after seeing his last pupil mastered his trademark technique.

Ryuta Saki from Detective Kindaichi. I wanted to write about Ryuta the first time I want to write this. But then I forgot. After awhile, my fffffrrriiiiieeenddd reminded me of Ryuta Saki’s murder. and I was like, “OKAAAYYYYY I FORGOTTTTT.” Okay then, so he’s in the honorable mention. It’s kinda weird seeing his death, as it doesn’t really give an impact to Kindaichi himself. He was one of Kindaichi’s best friend, but when he died, they only talked about him in one arc (the Red Bearded Santa Claus, which is the arc when Ryuta died), then poof, he never mentioned anymore. Only when his little brother, Ryuji Saki come in to replace him as Kindaichi’s assistant. But still, the horrifying murder is leaving a really grotesque image on my mind. Imagine, Ryuta is only a highschooler. But he have to meet such fate in the hand of a murder….


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