Set of Different Truths

June 1, 2015

Lately, one of my closest friend confessed that she is converting into Buddhism. I’m not surprised. It is easy to tell. From her blogpost, from books she reads, from what she tweets few years ago, from her lifestyle, from how she perceive problems, it’s pretty much like “well, I think buddhism suite you well, you know ?”. But I never said that, because I never care about other’s religion. For me, not caring about other’s religion is like “ignorance is a bliss.” I have friends from different sides of religions. And I’m always okay with them as long as they’re not an asshole. It’s simple.

I learned about views since highschool. I read so many books about the Nazis and their Ultra-nationalism, or the Italians with their Fascism, the Frenchs with their Egalite, Fratirnite, Liberte, Americans with their Liberalism, Indonesians with their Pancasilaism, PKI with their Communism, etc. These views are somewhat a set of ‘rules’ and ‘how-to-do’ to reach their ultimate goals. If you think of it, these goals are always good, to make their people happy, wealthy, can live their life fully. But of course, there are assholes who ruined these views. I always think that the views are never wrong, they’re searching for something good, but human, human are sources of all mistakes. They mistook it, bringing it into oblivion.

So does religion. For me, religions are set of different truths. Me, of course I believe my religion is the rightest. But it doesn’t makes me want to stop someone saying the same thing. It is their right to say so. And also my right to not listening to it, or to not believing in it. And it is their right too to not believing or listening to mine. Always like that. My truth is different from your truth. So what ? Believing in these set of truths shouldn’t limit us for being friends. As long as your truth not crossing mine, empirically. I mean, not in the world of ideas, but in the real world, like, I can’t pray (in my religion’s way) beside you, because you would punch me in the face. In the world of ideas, of course it is different, it is the main difference to be precise.

In the end, it is our choice that will meet the consequences. Which heaven is the rightest ? We will never know until we reach the end. Or, maybe, as my another friend would say “does heaven even exist ?.” It’s like that. Fighting for something that haven’t been empirically proven is somewhat… well.. I won’t say stupid, because it is related with faith, but it is certainly unnerving to see people killing or being unfriended for that. So, try to be more ignorant to other’s religion, and starts worrying with yours. I guess.


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