Requestioning Happiness

June 10, 2015

Being awaken in the middle of the night is not something I fancy too much. Sadly, it happened a lot. But sometimes, during those times, I found something interesting lingering in my mind. Well again, this time, it is about happiness. I’m requestioning the meaning of being happy. What is happiness ? I once wrote about happiness in a form of stupid “poem”; I said:

Happiness are cookies in a jar
Said the little kid from a far
Happiness is an expensive supercar
Said the movie star

Happiness is a myth
Said the sad wordsmith
Happiness is buried in filth
Said the treasure hunter named Keith

Happiness is buying mom presents
Said the kid who just paid his rents
Happiness are those countless cents
Said the beggar sitting in a tent

Happiness is client’s smile
Said the salesman who just walked for miles
Happiness is healthy lifestyle
Said the runner who just ran for miles

Happiness is in a question
Said the writer in this ession

“Do you want to be happy ?”

I think it is. Happiness linger somewhere in our mind. We can get it everytime we want it. It’s about perspective. We used to perceive things in a form that we want the things to be. For example, music. Duke Ellington once said that there are only two kind of musics; the good ones and the bad ones. That means, it can be metal, it can be rock, it can be dangdut, it can be jazz, anything. It can be anything. The what so called genre doesn’t matter. What makes music good is the music itself. Do we dance to it ? Do we tap our leg unconcsciously ? Do we hum the song ? Etc. Doesn’t matter how the players play it. But sometimes, people can’t stand dangdut because it is being ascociated with the lower class people. “You listen to dangdut ? Well you have a bad music taste” said someone who listen to Rebecca Black. See, it’s the prespective that ruined dangdut. If we change our perspective into Duke Ellington’s, we can see a good dangdut and a bad dangdut. Of course not all dangdut are great, so does metal or rock or pop. There are sucky parts of it too. Even when they come from a same artist. Master of Puppets is one of the best metal song ever written, it is Metallica’s golden cup, while Saint Anger is a piece of failure written by the same people who wrote Master of Puppets. But still, we don’t disregard Metallica as the band who once wrote Master of Puppets when they released Saint Anger, right ? And when Master of Puppets being covered by the great Dream Theater, it doesn’t get good. It turned horrible. That’s how happiness work, a good thing may seen as a bad thing, vice versa.

Here are some of more comprehensive details.

Shit happens. A lot. When it happened, sometimes we just have to change our perspective. Let’s say that we failed our works, and being slammed in the face by our superior. Okay it sucks, but think of this: our superior care about us, or at least, about things we do. About how our works can affect the whole company as a system. It means you’re matter to the company. You can think that it is a corporate bullshit that you can be replaced by other person in no time, you can think that is an excuse for the company to press you more, etc. But then you forgot the most important thing that you have, and other might not: you. Have. A. job. You can have steady income, or if it is not steady, at least you have an income, and you can live by your own. Isn’t that something to be grateful for ?

Sometimes we’re being sad because of things done to us by other. But, we’re being happy because of things done to us by other either. One person can be (and always be) the source of both happiness and unhappiness. On different time and different situation, people can be either a pack of fun, or a piece of shit. When they’re being a pack of fun, then let it be. When they’re being a piece of shit, remember that they were once a pack of fun, and they might be returning to the pack of fun they once were. People change overtime. We just don’t know when, and how, and what will they change into. We’ll just never know, but we will never ever even know if we are not even trying. Change in people is normal. People is changing every second, that’s why we will never really know someone until (s)he died. When (s)he died, (s)he won’t change anymore right ? Not really. Pretty sure that there are secrets they took beyond the grave. Only God can know and understand someone perfectly.

Being sad is of course very normal. But let it happens only once in a while. One of my wisest, bestest, smartest, kindest friend once said: unhappy person create unhappiness. It’s true. When you’re unhappy, you want others to be unhappy too. Consciously or unconsciously. People tend to get close to others who have same experience, so they can share their pain. But you know what ? If you have a really good friend, you don’t have to make that friend sad to feel your sadness to share your pain. Great friends understand what sadness to their friend is. Or at least, they listen. And I think it is more than enough. Sometimes you just need somebody to listen to you, right ? And about sharing the pain, for true friends, it is painful to hear our friend in trouble.

As the poem said, “do you want to be happy ?” you can always answer with a yes, along with changing your perspective towards stuffs. It will make your life better. Another thing another wise friend said: “always save some space in your heart to be grateful.” This is one of the most important phrase I’ve ever heard. When your heart is broken, just remember that you have space on your mind to think about love. You don’t have to think about wether you can eat or not the next day. It’s harsh, I do admit it’s harsh, but it is one way to be grateful. When you can think about people who hurt you, then you still have to be grateful than you can think about them, under your house’s roof, while other people still have to think how they can eat the next day under a bridge in the middle of the rain.

So, I requestion this: “do you want to be happy ?”


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