Scenes From a Memory: an Introduction.

September 16, 2015


Well, I kinda bumped that I don’t have any special ideas for writing. I’ve been talking about “deciphering” Dream Theater’s Scenes From a Memory album in form of a semiotic analysis, but trust me, it would be boring. So, I decided to write stories out of it. Following the lyrics, re-telling the stories –with my imagination-, of what happened between Victoria, Edward, Julian, Nicholas, and the Theraphist. And of course, I will quote some of the lyrics as well.

For an overview, I’ve been a Dream Theater fans for only like 8 years or so. My classmate in the college introduced them to me. It was a mind blowing experience listening to John Myung’s bass tapping sequence in Metropolis. From there on, I always listen to their songs, follow up their new albums, attend their concert, pretty much what a music fan would do.

For me, Scenes From a Memory (1999) is one of my most favorite album of any bands, ever. If someone asked me, “hey, what album would you pick if you can only play one album for the rest of your life ?” it probably won’t take long for me to answer “Dream Theater’s Scenes From a Memory.” For me it’s a unique album. A concept album (google it, just google it if you don’t know) is always interesting, but Scenes From a Memory, really stood in the top of my list (A little bit above Mastodon’s Blood Mountain). Okay, enough about the albums, now about the story. The story is about a man named Nicholas who went to a hypnotherapist because he has been haunted by countless nightmare about a woman named Victoria. The hypnosis is done to uncrack the mystery and history of Victoria. Who is Victoria ? Well, let’s find out !

Click here for the writings:

Scenes From a Memory

Part 1

Scene I: Regression


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