Geng Sepedah

November 1, 2015

You know how everyone should have close friend by their side ? Just in case everyhting left them behind, they will be there to stay. Do you have such friend ? I do. I do have such friendS. Yep. Not only one, but 6. 6 of them. That makes us 7 of us. We go by the name of Geng Sepedah. The Bicycle Gang. No we’re not criminal, no we’re not bikers. We’re just girls and boys who love to hang out together at first, but ended up having chats everyday. And this is the story of how I meet them.

The first one is Geza…


I met him in Junior High. A nerd. Just like me. If you ever need anything related to computer, just ask him. He’ll have every answer for your every question. A very nice guy, also a quite talented musician. Been through a lot with this guy. Crying in the middle of a hectic foodcourt due to a painful story ? Done. Roaming around Japan like an idiot ? Done. Sleeping during a big concert while sitting on the multimedia center ? Done.

Then there’s Cakra…


Met him on the first day at the university. First thing I asked to everyone who speak Sundanese at that time was “what highschool did you go to ?” his answer: “Oh ! SMAN 1”; “oh cool ! then you know xxxx”, “nope, SMAN 1 Jayapura.” Oh shit, that’s a long way. But that’s the first time I know the guy, and we’re being good friend since. A very kind, level headed, and extremely mature. The most, among us. Pretty sure that nobody can hate this guy. Also, one of the most talented musician –plays almost everything, and sing like a boss- in Hubungan Internasional UNPAD 2007.

And then, I met Reza…


First thing that we got in common is: we have the same headmaster in the highschool, an obnoxious one, so we talked about it, making jokes, and burn him on our early conversations. The clumsy one in the group. Always smiling though. His smile generates those giggles elementary school does when they do something bad. Nevertheless, he’s one with brilliant mind. I always stunned everytime I talk to him. He reads a lot of books. Ask him anything about famous fictions, he can always answer to most of them. You can talk about most things with him, but certainly not football. Also, there’s a gossip going on that he’s actually 1.000 years old or so.

On one morning, I met Feby…


Feby, or we call her Meok. She was sitting in the canopy near the classroom the first time I saw her. She was smoking. Well, I don’t usually talk with smoker, but this girl is wearing a Burgerkill T-shirt. Which is pretty awesome. I really love Burgerkill at the time, so I think it’d be nice to have someone to talk to about Burgerkill. Turned out, Meok is an avid local metal fans. That’s the first thing that bind our friendship. Yeah, we talked about music scenes a lot. It was fun. Meok is the artist in this gang. She can draw pretty well, and have her own style. I think that’s what make an artist, artist. You gotta have your own style. Meok style heavily plays on soft color, and expressions. I like it. It is soothing. And she’s almost always make an art for my birthday, and I always love them.

One day at the campus, I met Aya…


The first time I saw her, well, there’s NO FUCKING WAY, I can get to know this girl. She’s like one of the most popular girl in the class, have a cool boyfriend, doing cool stuffs, always being cool, there’s no way a nerd like me can talk to her. But then… on one faithful day……………………….. we talked…………. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddddddddd TURNED OUT SHE’S ALSO A GODDAMN NERD. LOL. We talked about Evangelion, anime, and stuffs. Turned out she really is a major anime fan. What a surprise. Then we trade movies a lot, definitely the moment that binds this gang together. Then when the talk is getting more private, I can talk a lot about my lovelife at that time, which is sucky, and she always answer with an enlighting answers. Awesome. Aya is the mother hen of the gang. She’s the Monica to our FRIENDS gang.

The other day at the campus, I met Natalie…


She’s just like Aya. The cool one in the class, no way to talk to her. But as soon as I get close to Aya and Meok –which are Natalie’s closest friends, I can get to talk to her too. Turned out, she’s a very kind person, with a dangerous –but you need it- mouth. She always talk about things that you need to hear. You know when you have to focus in a middle of a heavy blizzard, in which you shouldn’t fall asleep, and you need a slap on the face ? Natalie is the slap. She’s the one to talk too when you aren’t sure about yourself, and what you’re going to do. Especially in the lovelife. She always have tons of answer to keep you calm, and focused.

That’s the story of the members of our gang. Oh, and the story of the gang’s name ? Simple. Meok can’t ride bicycle, and one day, Geza, Cakra, and Aya decided to teach her how to. And BOOM. Meok can ride the bicycle. And that’s another bonding moment for us. Bicycle. Sepedah. Geng Sepedah. As simple as that. Simple really. But I always feel blessed to have you guys around. You’re the best friends one can ever ask.



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