The 6 Words Game: Space Oddity

November 19, 2015

“We are ready to launch, Houston”

“Have a nice journey, you guys”

“Roger that Houston, see you later”

Fire sparks, fuel burned, spaceship flies.

The hand clap sends them goodbye.

The black sky give warm welcome.

The Planet Earth is getting smaller.

“World is huge” is an illusion.

It is just a blue dot.

Overriding gravity, through the atmosphere, floating.

Chicken. Potato. Carrot. Flash frozen.

“The foods are definitely bad. Sucks”

“Spacemen do what spacemen do, mate”

“Say goodbye to spoon and fork.”

“Eat. The only way to survive”

“I know. I am not a kid.”

“You sure act like one, mate”

“Shut up, Tom. I am eating”

“Good. Just stay in silence there”

“Beep.” Time to explore the space.

Opening the door now. Push it.

The crimson red button says ‘open’.

Psshh. The door is now open.

Space suit on. Helmet locked tightly.

“Are you ready to float around ?”

“2 years of training. Of course”

“Then let’s go. Let’s float around”

“aye, sir. I mean, aye, captain.”

Sudden explosion. The door is gone.

Emergency sequence. Red alert. Red alert.

“God damnit, what happened now, Tom ?”

“I don’t know Jerry, OH GOD !”

Another explosion. The computer gone blank.

Houston is calling. Panic all over.

Far away from earth, no hope.

Will die in space. Machine fault.

Houston is still trying. Nothing works.

Transmitting live message from the space.

“This would be our last words.”

“Elena ! I love you very much !”

She stunned. She cried. She ruined.

“Mommy look, it’s daddy on tv !”

5 years old. Knows almost nothing.

“Joe, please take care of Brutus”

“Feed him well. Wash him everyday”

Brother. 2 years difference. Grown together.

Devastated. Empty. No words come out.

Here we go. The final moment.

“Goodbye Houston, Thank you for trying.”

Blown up in the space. Died.


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