Being a Father

Life is the funniest gift God gave to any human in the world. In my case, it is the pace of it that makes it funny. One day I am just a son of a great parents, the next day I am a groom, and a few days latter, I am going to be a dad. Imagine that. In only 3 months or so, I was a son, but then I am going to be a dad soon. Yes, my wife is pregnant. I never thought that it is going to be this fast. I mean, my parents waited for like 9 months for me, so I assume that I will going to wait as long as they were. But I was wrong.

It is a great thing, of course. The only thing that I can consider as something bad is that now I am jobless, although I’m sure opportunities are just right on the corner, a few more steps, and it will pop up, just like that.

Am I excited ? No doubt about it. I have seen like 7 or so, of my cousins growing up. The phase I like the most is when they are 2 years old or so. There are so many things you can pass on to them. But, since they are my cousins, I can’t meet them every day, so I can’t pass on my knowledge or anything fun to them everyday. Having a kid on my own means that I can meet him/her everyday. Play with him/her, teach him/her many things. Ah, it would be heaven on earth. Since teaching and sharing is also a learning progress.

Am I prepared ? Other than incomes, I guess so. It will be a countless midnight cries, midnight shits, midnight puke outs, and many other things, but those are no reason to get less excited in having a child. Why ? It happened to my parents TWICE and they didn’t go insane. Why should I ?

Am I worried ? Of course. The most worrying thing about waiting for the child is the wife’s condition. She is the pregnant one, and I am in full charge of her well being. So far, it has been bearable, I hope it would stay that way. Good thing that we got a very nice gynecologist, who is against the popular belief on many things restricted during the pregnancy. The best thing is, he included “to have fun” in a list of “to-do-things” in pregnancy. I think it is great to have the pregnant woman in a constant good mood, and of course it is important for the baby too, because I believe somehow the mother’s emotion will affect the baby.

Well, with that all being said, I really can’t wait for the next 9 months. It will be fun. In the end, I will meet the next one on my bloodline, I can’t wait to hold his/her little body on my hand, whispering the best adzan I will ever perform on his/her right ear, and whispering “I’M BATMAN !” on his/her left ear. It would be hysterically funny, and will be something to remember for. Lol. Kidding for the Batman part. But, seriously, if you are a boy, I can’t wait for you, Ananta Raja Kelana, if you are a girl, well, we haven’t thought about it too far, but we still have like 8 months to go, so don’t worry, we will get deep and philosophical too.