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Being a Father

January 13, 2017

Life is the funniest gift God gave to any human in the world. In my case, it is the pace of it that makes it funny. One day I am just a son of a great parents, the next day I am a groom, and a few days latter, I am going to be a dad. Imagine that. In only 3 months or so, I was a son, but then I am going to be a dad soon. Yes, my wife is pregnant. I never thought that it is going to be this fast. I mean, my parents waited for like 9 months for me, so I assume that I will going to wait as long as they were. But I was wrong.

It is a great thing, of course. The only thing that I can consider as something bad is that now I am jobless, although I’m sure opportunities are just right on the corner, a few more steps, and it will pop up, just like that.

Am I excited ? No doubt about it. I have seen like 7 or so, of my cousins growing up. The phase I like the most is when they are 2 years old or so. There are so many things you can pass on to them. But, since they are my cousins, I can’t meet them every day, so I can’t pass on my knowledge or anything fun to them everyday. Having a kid on my own means that I can meet him/her everyday. Play with him/her, teach him/her many things. Ah, it would be heaven on earth. Since teaching and sharing is also a learning progress.

Am I prepared ? Other than incomes, I guess so. It will be a countless midnight cries, midnight shits, midnight puke outs, and many other things, but those are no reason to get less excited in having a child. Why ? It happened to my parents TWICE and they didn’t go insane. Why should I ?

Am I worried ? Of course. The most worrying thing about waiting for the child is the wife’s condition. She is the pregnant one, and I am in full charge of her well being. So far, it has been bearable, I hope it would stay that way. Good thing that we got a very nice gynecologist, who is against the popular belief on many things restricted during the pregnancy. The best thing is, he included “to have fun” in a list of “to-do-things” in pregnancy. I think it is great to have the pregnant woman in a constant good mood, and of course it is important for the baby too, because I believe somehow the mother’s emotion will affect the baby.

Well, with that all being said, I really can’t wait for the next 9 months. It will be fun. In the end, I will meet the next one on my bloodline, I can’t wait to hold his/her little body on my hand, whispering the best adzan I will ever perform on his/her right ear, and whispering “I’M BATMAN !” on his/her left ear. It would be hysterically funny, and will be something to remember for. Lol. Kidding for the Batman part. But, seriously, if you are a boy, I can’t wait for you, Ananta Raja Kelana, if you are a girl, well, we haven’t thought about it too far, but we still have like 8 months to go, so don’t worry, we will get deep and philosophical too.